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Since its foundation in 2014, the science website COSMOBSERVER.com has been dedicated to the problem of light pollution.


COSMOBSERVER.com gives voice to the most eminent researchers in the world, including Fabio Falchi (first author of the “The new world atlas of artificial night sky brightness” published in the journal Science Advance) and astrophysicist Alberto Cora of INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics).


In 2017, the founder of COSMOBSERVER.com - Emmanuele Macaluso - wrote an article entitled "Light Pollution: Analysis of a global problem". In that article, Macaluso brought the reader's attention to the visual effects of the problem, highlighted the effects on human health and how light pollution adversely impacts flora and fauna. The article has received media attention and has been republished by dozens of media sources including newspapers, TV, radio and social networks.


Macaluso has continued to promote the subject in COSMOBSERVER.com, publishing a subsequent article in 2019 titled "Light Pollution: Analysis of an increasingly global problem".

This article exposes the worsening of the phenomenon and the related repercussions on human and planetary health.



(In the image "The new world atlas of artificial night sky brightness”

 Science Advances  10 Jun 2016: Vol. 2, no. 6, e1600377 - DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1600377 - http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/2/6/e1600377 )


This latest media success led COSMOBSERVER.com to create a structured awareness campaign on light pollution that will start in 2019 and was named MISSION DARK SKY.


MISSION DARK SKY is a global campaign to sensitize the general public on the consequences of light pollution.


MISSION DARK SKY and its partners intend to educate the public on the incorrect use of both public and private lighting equipment, promote research and publish self-produced material.


MISSION DARK SKY will increase connectivity between the public, scientific partners, and main research institutes. Through a combination of communication channels and media sources, participants are kept aware of activities, research, publications, regional data and conferences.


With many "viral" projects on the agenda and a loyal and ever expanding audience of thousands, MISSION DARK SKY is a global awareness campaign on Light Pollution in continuous evolution.




> Inform about direct and indirect issues related to light pollution.

> Raise public awareness of the effects of light pollution on the population.

> Inform on the effects of light pollution on the terrestrial ecosystem.

> Increase awareness about light pollution.

> Produce institutional and viral communication campaigns with strong public involvement.

> Produce scientifically correct content and information material.

> Share research from research institutions and universities worldwide.

> Create a network of technical, scientific and media partners that implement dissemination activities in a coordinated fashion.



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COSMOBSERVER.com was founded by scientific writer and marketing expert Emmanuele Macaluso. Conceived in December 2014 as a science blog dedicated to space, astronomy and astronautics, COSMOBSERVER.com became a website in 2017.


The contents are entirely focused on reporting and publishing scientific inquiry and the promotion of science. COSMOBSERVER.com is a pinnacle source of Italian language interactions between public, private, and institutional science communities.


In addition to publications the site is a reference for links and guides to breaking news, published journals, reports, activities, and conferences. It is also a source for direct connection to pivotal individuals. COSMOBSERVER.com has interviewed characters of absolute excellence. Among these; the science promoters Piero Angela (RAI - Italian National Television) and Piero Bianucci (founder of the scientific journal "TuttoScienze"), Italian astronauts Franco Malerba and Maurizio Cheli, astronomers and researchers Walter Ferreri (INAF), Fabio Falchi (first signatory of the The new world atlas of artificial night sky brightness).


In a time in which companies digitize many tangible services from the real world to the virtual one, COSMOBSERVER.com has managed to cross the borders of the web to enter the real world. Spearheading community projects COSMOBSERVER.com has made a tacit impact through direct action.


In 2018 the G.R.O.C.A. (Research and Cosmic and Astronomical Observation Group) partnered with COSMOBSERVER.com to the aim of carrying out research expeditions studying and disseminating astronomical events through official channels.

Other objectives of G.R.O.C.A. include organizing astronomy courses and conferences on space and light pollution.


Starting in 2017, COSMOBSERVER.com, as a media partner, has made its communication channels available to important Italian cultural and scientific projects. Among these; NASA Space Apps Challenge Milan (2017), NASA Space Apps Brescia (2018 and 2019), "Science in cinema" within the scientific festival Mantova Scienza (2018) and Social Media Marketing Day ( 2018).


In 2019, COSMOBSERVER.com, in collaboration with the Factory Performance Association, launched MISSION DARK SKY, a structured awareness campaign that aims to raise global public awareness on the issue of light pollution.


Awards and Recognitions


> December 2018: COSMOBSERVER is inserted by the scientific magazine Nuovo Orione in the list of the most credible and influential popular sites in Italy (Nuovo Orione n 319 - December 2018)









More information on www.cosmobserver.com








Emmanuele Macaluso, is an essayist, science communicator and one an expert on light pollution.


Fascinated since childhood by science and the cosmos, he attended several courses in astronomy, astrophysics and astronautics. He has received an extensive education from the leading Italian experts in these scientific disciplines.


In 2014, he founded the science website COSMOBSERVER.com, with the aim of giving voice to the protagonists of the cosmos by bringing them closer to the general public. He interviewed astronomers, astrophysicists, astronauts, and science communicators.

Within months COSMOBSERVER became an authoritative reference in the field of Italian scientific dissemination.


Thanks to a new model of private and public scientific dissemination COSMOBSEVER created a voice based on the quality of the contents, the transparent and real certification of the volumes, created strategic partnerships, and is able to form a real cross-media network in continuous expansion.


Macaluso is the digital public relations officer of the astronaut Maurizio Cheli (Mission STS-75) and collaborates with other astronauts and researchers.


In June 2017, his article on light pollution entitled "Light pollution: analysis of a global problem", drew the attention of national media and was taken up by television programs, radio, blogs, and specialized information sources. Following the publication of the article, Macaluso has contributed to raising awareness to the effects of light pollution, through public events and conferences. Thanks to his own infotainment formula, he has informed thousands of people throughout Italy.


Macaluso has published articles and essays for various journals and scientific publications, including Le Stelle (founded by Margherita Hack and Corrado Lamberti).


He teaches astronautics, scientific dissemination, communication, infotainment and marketing for various private entities.


He is the author and the first signer of the Manifesto for Ethical Marketing and for the many similarities in the principles and in the popular qualities "the Italian Al Gore" was defined by the press.


Complete bio here: www.emacaluso.com/profile.htm



Awards and Honors


> Silver plate of the Presidency of the Italian Republic - 2007

> Brand of the Quality Micro-publishing 2015 for the essay "Dirty Marketing" - 2015

> Insertion of the essay "Dirty Marketing" in the Library of the UNESCO Center of Turin - 2014

> Insertion of the essay "Invisible Bandages - Manifesto of Ethical Marketing" in the Library of the UNESCO Center of Turin - 2014

> COSMOBSERVER.com in the Catalog of the most credible astronomy sites of "Nuovo Orione" - 2018

> Formal recognition issued for social reasons by the District 9 of the City of Turin - 2007





> Founder of G.R.O.C.A. - Research and Cosmological and Astronomical Observation Group

> Member of the international astronomical scientific community Astronomers Without Borders

> Member of CieloBuio - Coordination for the Protection of the Night Sky

> Member of the Marketing and Communication Club

> Member of Italian Communication







COSMOBSERVER e MISSION DARK SKY are proud to communicate that they allow to the guidelines of Manifesto for Ethical Marketing (7) and “MfSD – Marketing for Science Dissemination”.










(7) http://www.manifestodelmarketingetico.org/




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